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Coronavirus/COVID19 update and Telemedicine information

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October 20, 2020

As we continue to welcome more patients back into the office, we would like to share our efforts to continue to keep everyone healthy and safe.


Our office is sanitized regularly, in between patients and all high touch areas are disinfected multiple times during the day. Social distancing will be accomplished by seeing fewer patients and continuing our Telemedicine services for patients that do not need
to be seen in person. Our hope is to be efficient with care so you spend very limited time in the office.

Please know that face coverings are REQUIRED of everyone 5 years old and up while in the office.

Finally, we ask that only necessary individuals come to appointments, leaving other family members in the car or at home. Please call us from the parking lot before you come upstairs so we can let you know we are ready for you.


Please refer to Delaware Public Health for all Coronavirus related updates.

Information from previous announcements:

Going forward, we will schedule non-sick patients at separate times from those patients that are ill.

To serve you in the safest way possible, if you suspect you have been exposed to, or are ill with COVID-19, please remain at home and contact our office by phone or email.  Naturally if you are having shortness of breath or are otherwise in urgent need of help, call 911 and share your concern with them.

If you wish for care from our office, Drs. Mehta will “see” suspect cases by Telemedicine or phone appointments. We are in the process of activating this though Healow and your Patient Portal account.  Once that has been activated, you will be able to “check-in” for appointments during office hours through the portal.

For those that are not on the portal currently, we are using alternate procedures to help you register by phone at this time.

If you already have an upcoming office appointment scheduled, our staff will contact you about converting that to a Telemedicine appointment or rescheduling for a future time.

Until the integrated Telemedicine visits are active, please email or call the office to schedule a Telemedicine visit.  You should then log into or to be seen.  Please check in on line at your appointment time until we are able to see you for your virtual appointment.

Telemedicine visits will be billed to insurance similar to an office visit with any applicable co-pays and deductibles that apply. It is our hope that these will be a covered benefit for our patients but we cannot guarantee this and if not covered, by participating in the Telemedicine visit, you accept responsibility for payment. 

Please know that Telemedicine visits for now are only being conducted in certain circumstances to support the health of our whole community.

Drs. Mehta otherwise support the recommendations that adults and children should practice “social distancing” – avoiding gathering together, including avoidance of multiple children playing together indoors.  If you find yourself with extra time, please take the family outdoors for fresh air and exercise or enjoy quality time together with each other indoors.




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